Creation of the repository around a data dictionary shared by those involved
Essential reconciliation of the language of different actors
Necessary reconciliation of data that can be shared between different business applications and customer requirements

Every department in the company manages and publishes its own product files according to its requirements. This data that circulates in the company is distributed to external or internal partners or is published on websites.
The risk is that every file may include incorrect, partial and fragmented information due to data administration in store.
This organisation of the data, perceived as a transverse requirement, is not optimised in its management or relationship with the internal or external customer.

The Publishing Centre allows subscriber customers to unify the view of products by automating the publication of their documents and files from the Equadis database.
This can be done at every data update thereby enabling to maintain ‘up to date’ or ‘on demand’ information.

From a single Equadis repository, the agents of the company have a common language and an identical view of information to be circulated to different recipients thanks to the publication of these files, which ensures the uniqueness and quality of information.

The publication of these files from Equadis ensures the uniqueness and the quality of information circulating to different recipients

These documents can be distributed according to their contents to all those involved in the information system: office files, web, store terminals, etc.

They can be sent by email or to information systems to be reintegrated and updated into the customers’ systems.

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