By covering all promotional data requirements of our customers, saving more than 40% of the time of sales departments enabling the execution of work that is more useful for business development.

The management of promotions involves a large flow of data interchanges between the mass retailing suppliers and their customers.

The management of promotions via Equadis

  • Guarantees complete and reliable information
  • Enables to establish views by customers and ranges
  • Saves time and money.

Between the response date to a promotional call for tenders and the date of execution of the operation, a relatively long period elapses during which the product information changes.

This change of information is not necessarily accompanied by the matching of data between the supplier’s information systems and those of his customer, which gives rise to additional costs due to data that is not updated.

Through its promotion management tool, Equadis ensures the matching of data for promotional flows:

  • For distributors who digitize their promotional data: A point to point connection covering all their requirements (product, tariffs, photos) to feed their systems.
  • For distributors who do not digitize the promotional data: Product data being common to all distributors, Equadis users can edit their promotional offers directly in the formats that are desired and requested by their customers (Excel, in general), using the GFPP function (Management of Promotional and Constant Flows).

With the inclusion of this solution in their processes, the sales departments automatically send to their customers, via email, reliable and qualitative data covering the product, price and promotional data as well as multimedia.

The free time allows them to devote themselves to business development. The suppliers thus have a single management point for all promotional exchanges with their customers, whatever the output format.

Using statistical tools developed by Equadis, customers can obtain a history of their activity, interchanges and promotions by customer, product range, etc.

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