In order to ensure the acquisition of Equadis by the users, the Equadis training team has the following tasks:

  • Ensuring the training of users in the Equadis application for optimised use and easy navigation
  • Informing and explaining the GS1 standards and specific requirements of recipients of digitized flows
  • Ensuring the distribution of news regarding changes or developments of the application
  • Playing down the change of habits with the setting up of Equadis within organisations

Through its training catalogue, Equadis provides training engineering services in order to suitably respond to the requirements of various departments of the company by combining modules.

The training courses can be provided on site within the company or online by modules.
Equadis also provides training courses to correspondents who are the Equadis’ intermediaries in the companies.

Equadis is an authorised training organisation, which enables French companies to charge these expenses to the Training budget.
The training team may be contacted by phone at + 41223194272 or by email at