In view of financial issues linked to these interchanges (incorrect information penalties), maintaining proof of information consultations is crucial (information that has been accessed and that which has been modified, such as for example, certain records of a database).

The increase in the volume of data exchanged in the information system through the process of digitisation of data leads to a very strong requirement for traceability and monitoring of the history of the latter.

This digitisation of flows requires a traceability to take into account business, legal and organisational constraints. Replacing paper procedures by electronic interchange is a challenge at several levels: Documentary reliability, confidence spaces, traceability of flows and operations, evidence management.

Equadis preserves all incoming and outgoing files for an indefinite period.
This data can be consulted either directly via the application, as part of promotional flows or the request can be made to Equadis support to make available the files sent.

This traceability is accompanied by a tool, developed by Equadis, establishing for every user company, activity and volume measurement indicators for the data interchanged.

These indicators cover comprehensively and by customer

  • All types of incoming or outgoing flows
  • The publication channels (synchronisation &/or management of the promotion).

user assistance

Equadis support is available from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

It can be contacted by telephone at +41 22 319 42 72 or by email to