By virtue of its profession of digitisation of interchanges, Equadis has opted for, since more than 10 years, computer technologies that respect the environment.

Right from the beginning of its activities Equadis has resolutely opted for the SaaS model offering its customers a high service quality and availability.
This currently growing technological choice validated by all experts, provides our customers a significant added value in setting up and deploying their electronic catalogue.

In this way, in addition to providing access to an application, our customers enjoy a host of services that guarantee the integrity, availability and confidentiality of their data and allow them to concentrate on increasing their turnover.

Some immediate benefits for Equadis customers

Innovations to meet the users’ requirements

With changes in GDS standards, all our customers are upgraded at one go. This upgrading is accompanied by information sessions and mass data update services.

Reduced data processing costs

This technological model saves Equadis’ customers from investing in servers, software licences and labour to ensure continuity of flows with their customers. All this is ensured by Equadis.

Mutualisation of services

A set of developed services are pooled for all Equadis’ customers. This mutualisation is reflected in the learning curve and sharing of experiences in data digitisation.

Security and flexibility of the architecture

The customers benefit from a progressive and flexible architecture to meet their requirements. The servers are hosted at a data processing centre in Geneva and have the advantage of maximum security levels and data backup.

All these elements ensure a quick investment return for our customers.

The quality of the Equadis service guarantees access 99.97% of the time excluding maintenance time

user assistance

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