Electronic catalogue

An electronic catalogue, in SaaS mode, certified compliant with the standards and specialised in product information management (logistical, nutritional, descriptive and technical information, prices, photographs)

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Work environment

A work environment that is adaptable and progressive according to the requirements of each company ensuring the PIM functional capability and meeting the requirements of organisation and diffusion of information to all users of this information (customers, service providers, internal…

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Product information organisation

A product information organisation providing a unique view throughout the information system and enabling cost reduction in information processing.

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Single access point

A single access point for promotional exchanges and matching of master data between suppliers and their customers, point to point or via the GDSN network

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Talented team

A talented team of persons combining business and data processing expertise and guaranteeing a high level of integration of data into the distributors’ computer systems.

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Application support
Technical support
100% of data hosted in Switzerland
100% of data hosted in Switzerland