The transverse deployment of the Equadis catalogue enables companies to “dextrously” use information and provides an answer to constant challenges of controlling costs in the supply chain.

The product information is available and used in the company through multiple databases and files.
Identification and access keys that are different and non-uniform are defined according to the requirements of every user or owner of the file.

This distribution of information causes many problems: Reliability, security, access, availability, etc. Its main outcome is an additional cost linked to non-quality.

In order to meet the requirements of rationalisation and cost reduction, Equadis offers its customers a catalogue enabling to place all the data in a secure tool (master data). Accesses and rights are controlled. The dissemination of data is controlled by different safety locks.

The advantage of the catalogue with Equadis

  • Improvement in the data quality: The data stored in Equadis is subjected to consistency checks and management rules that ensure that it is of optimum quality. This data can be used reliably and possesses a very high integration rate with the distributors.
  • Common language to the entire company: The definition of attributes is unique and common to all users irrespective of the owner and recipient.
  • Availability of a single repository: All requirements of the Superstores and Hypermarkets and all the distribution channels (Non-domestic catering, Export, Specialised networks) are homogenously covered by the information in the catalogue.
  • Transversality of the catalogue: A unique and common tool within the company that enables optimisation of the organisation, reduction in expenses and stress.

The Equadis catalogue is qualified and certified by GS1 to be compliant with the GDSN standards. All the data required by GS1 and the market are managed by Equadis.
The product data and tariffs are published by the owners of the information according to the GDS principles (publication mechanisms)

In addition to the utility of the catalogue, Equadis proposes to its customers a PIM allowing them to transform their investment in a data interchange tool into earnings and profits.

The interfaces can be customised depending on the company with the inclusion of attributes specific to the supplier (internal classification, comment fields, etc.).
Depending on the profiles and access rights assigned, users can access the interfaces in edit or view mode. They can view the entire catalogue or those products for which they have the rights.

The Equadis catalogue is available in 15 languages

The catalogue is enhanced by a solution providing the traceability of information exchanged with customers and indicators of the activity of these interchanges.

Matching and synchronisation of data:

The data can be published to:

  • Digitizing centres
    • Either point to point directly for Carrefour, Provera, RBA Galec
    • Or via SA2 for Auchan, EMC (Casino), Coop Suisse, Manor, etc.
    • Or via the GDSN network to publish to other distributors (in Europe or rest of the world)
  • Centres that do not digitize
    • Equadis proposes a specific feature that allows you to edit the Excel files of your customers, according to the GDS principles.
  • Third parties (warehouses, carriers, etc.)

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