Equadis SA was established in 1999 at Geneva. Its activity is centred on the management of product information and digitisation of product and tariff data interchanges between the suppliers and their customers.
Equadis is an active member of organisations that publish GS1 standards.
Equadis was the first catalogue certified by GS1 in 2002 and has renewed its qualified tool certification in 2008.

In order to provide the best service to its customers, the company is organised around 2 interactive centres working together. This bipolarity allows a globalised approach of product and tariff data management projects.

  • A Computer Research & Development centre, comprising engineers devoting their knowledge and their skills to the “business” and having acquired an expertise in the management of incoming XML messages and management rules.
  • A Sales Development & Support centre with consultants who assist customers and users in their approaches on GDS projects & flow interchanges with their customers. To this centre is integrated the training department which, since almost 10 years, has been initiating and training our users and customers, for the principles of the GDS and digitized interchanges.

These elements make Equadis a recognised leader in its market as consultant to several companies (distributors and suppliers) on problems of the electronic catalogue and the GDS and data interchanges.