The increasing complexity of information technologies, interchange and processing of more and more sensitive data, make the product information, its quality and its processing one of the most strategic and critical points of the company.

The increase in the number of distribution channels of the information (distributors, files, website, etc.), make qualified data and their optimal management a necessity.

A veritable support for its activities, the product information can, in case of a malfunction, compromise the management of the company, damage its relation with its customers and harm its image.

The deployment of the electronic catalogue helps ensure the quality of data distributed..

Equadis proposes a multilingual PIM in hosting mode.
One of the features of the Equadis PIM is the constant compliance of distributor requirements with GS1 standards guaranteeing the proper circulation of the information.

The catalogue management enables product views corresponding to the supplier’s business (dietary, non-dietary, nutritional data, technical characteristics, product advantages and consumer advantages, multimedia, etc.)

There cannot be digitisation without traceability of the information. Equadis provides its customers with tools for qualitative and quantitative traceability of distributed information.